Meeker Colorado~ Downtown Yoga Studio

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters to what lies within us.

About Mountain Charisma Yoga Studio

Hello! Welcome to the Mountain Charisma Yoga Studio *Online Schedule*

My Name is Brittney and I am your instructor, thank you so much for your support and interest in our small town studio. Inside you will find a welcome space where you can treat yourself. When you think of taking a studio yoga class what do you imagine? First thing that comes to mind is " I would be embarrassed" or the good ole' " I am not flexible enough" or I only do "hot yoga" as if any other form of yoga is a joke. Studios all over the country are embracing tons of new ways to practice yoga that brings people together from all walks of life. That might include yoga in the park, beer yoga, PiYo, glow yoga you name it. Our yoga class is inclusive - meaning whatever level of fitness you are RIGHT NOW, we got you!

Yoga is something special and can be a wonderful addition in your life that will challenge you in ways you would never imagine, whether you are a well seasoned yogi or are just stepping on to your mat for the first time I am honored to share time with you!

  • Services Include:
  • Community Yoga Classes
  • Private Yoga Sessions & Special events
  • Paddle Board

Mountain Charisma Yoga Studio is located down town Meeker, However we are CURRENTLY undergoing some renovation in our new building~ We will be CLOSED November 25th until January 2020~

The studio offers a mindful space for all to come together and experience yoga that honors the mind body and soul at an affordable rate. Attending a live studio class offers connection to the community and inspires fellowship among like minded individuals - all studio equipment is provided, bringing a mat you are comfortable on is encouraged and your own water in a reusable bottle.