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Welcome to the Studio- that is.... if you can find it~

By Mountain Charisma LLC Yoga Studio

MON OCT 29, 2018

Welcome to Mountain Charisma LLC new blog! This is super exciting news one because growth is happening and who doesn't love when that happens and two because there is so much more that I can share with you outside of our one hour meet ups a few times per week! Thank you so much for checking in and I hope that you enjoy all that will come after this agonizing first blog! I hear that once you start a blog you start off really rough and if you go back and read the first one you will see how much to stumbled through it and at the very least have something to laugh about. Well hi future self- you are bonkers but I love ya anyway!

So today I decided that I wanted to reflect on Progress not Perfection. That being said I look back at the last few years of being a business owner and it is hard not to compare yourself to others, there is so much change that happens in and around you when you decide to go into business for yourself. I remember my first "official yoga studio" it was so sweet and small and I had awkward space all around me that I had no idea what to do with......but the floors! The floors were new and I loved the way a mop made the imitation wood sparkle. I am not kidding I decided to rent a location for my business just because of the floor! Although of course that was not the only reason, its a small town and there is only so many places that you can even rent. So my vision progressed - I took my idea and made it into something real. I started the studio taking every suggestion thrown my way, some people wanted morning yoga classes , some only wanted classes meant for men, some wanted a place to purchase gifts and fitness clothing , hats, candles and who knows what else.

I want to give people what they want. That's my blessing and my curse.

Then after a few months in my new location I found that the roof was having serious issues and it was going on the market! So divine timing came into play and my very favorite location in town was coming up for rent and it had double the space! Yes, double the space -double the students and now we decided to carry books and gifts and actual clothing racks, it was all too exciting. This place was amazing in every way but one......you have to share your location with someone else. BOO !! Now I have a great space and I have to share it! ughhhh Keep moving forward lady, it was the right decision to make for your business. Tough but good.

Then of course a year into the new space I started to find out what worked and what didn't, lets just say the space no longer served me and in that case it was time for a change.

Did I love to move my location again? Of course not! It was a total drain!Maybe even bad for business.

This is where the Progress, Not Perfection term comes in. Every business has its time where it changes and shifts into what it was meant to be, its growing pains right. So I learned to not be worried about what other people thought about moving a second time in two years, instead I am focused on how far I have come and all that I have learned. Its not perfect and probably never will be, but the decision to move Mountain Charisma Yoga Studio to the Hugus Building has been by far the best business decision yet! I have lost a few clients for sure, and we are working on getting the people coming into our sleepy little town the information they need, but also there is not harm in having a beautiful kept secret.

IF you know where we are, and you are wanting to add something amazing into your life, join us. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to show up for yourself, without judgement. We are here for you!

Many blessings!